Lip blush is the newest trend in the cosmetic tattoo industry. It can give your lips new life and the "just bitten" look. What I love about it, is that like the other procedures I offer, it really enhances your natural beauty and does not read as full on lipstick or lip liner. It is a beautiful and more natural look than traditional lip tattooing. A slight flush of color, a constant pout, better definition and minimal healing time just might make this procedure the best cosmetic tattoo yet! 

The technique and color choices create a natural, blush, candy or "just bitten" look to the lips. The technique uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to very gently implant the color without creating too heavy of a lip-liner/border appearance. Colors are chosen for the client's desired results and skin tones, but the overall goal is to give lips life and a natural tint without being too dramatic. 

Lip Blush or Lip Tint Tattooing is now the eyebrow's best friend! There is an entire demographic of women that have had lip fillers to create a beautiful pout and fullness in their lips. After lip fillers the lip line can become blurred and faint from this slight stretch and increased volume. This treatment will compliment lip fillers by giving additional colour back to the border of the lips, and the overall lip tone. It's also very popular for women that have naturally faint lips, or would like to balance an asymmetric lip line.


**Before booking a lip blushing appointment you must email a clear photo of your face without any makeup on the skin or lips to ensure you are a candidate for the procedure.

Similar to normal makeup techniques, is there a method to contour lips permanently to make them appear fuller?

Some technicians might use different shades of pigments to achieve a contoured look to the lips, but I choose technique. I find the key to subtlety is to apply color more densely in certain areas of the lips to create a naturally contoured look, blending in with the entire lip. As the skin on the lips holds pigment in a different way to the skin on your face it is important not to work too far outside of the lip border, but work with it to enhance the natural border and add fullness. 

How long does lip blush last? Does a person's natural lip pigmentation have any effect on this?

The results last between 2-4 years (or more) before requiring a color refresh. Wearing proper sunscreen on the lips daily is important to preserve the color longer. Every client is provided with Amanda's favorite SPF lip balm to use daily after initial healing and beyond.  

Color choice is as important, and if not more important for a lip tattoo then a brow tattoo. Underlying blue, purple, or brown tones must be balanced, and in certain cases corrected, with the use of colors such as orange modifying pigments . The natural lip tone and skin tone must always be considered to achieve a color appropriate for that client. However, not every single person is a candidate and some lip tones may not work well with lip tattooing. 

What does the healing process look like for permanent cosmetic lip pigmentation? Are there any specific guidelines or products you would recommend?

Clients can expect to look like they're wearing lipstick combined with a mild lip-filler pout when they leave their appointment! Swelling and bruising is a side effect, though bruising is more rare. Usually it goes down within a few hours. The color looks really vibrant the day of and after the appointment. Around day two-three, the lips will softly flake away, and the following day they appear almost entirely healed. This soft technique I use ensures the lips will heal quickly and with minimal discomfort. Generally the lips are initially healed within 5-7 days.

Aftercare is important for lip tattooing, and I cannot stress this enough! They will heal quickly and with ease by using an aftercare cream provided - I use an all natural, vegan product. Apply this like lip balm with a cotton tip hourly and they will stay nourished and look glossy too! Please avoid spicy or citrus foods for 24-48 hours as that can sting the lips while they're healing. It is essential to stay out of the sun and wear a hat outdoors during the initial healing. After all the flaking I recommend wearing SPF lip balm which I will provide. 

"But what if I want to wear a different colored lipstick?"

Please go for it! This does not replace your lipstick, but gives your lips a natural, blushy tint. If you are a person that loves the appearance of "no-makeup makeup" and wants to look like your lips have a little life during the work week, at the gym, picking up a coffee and running errands, and like to feel "effortlessly put-together" - this is it! On the weekends when you go out for an event and wear heavier makeup feel free to wear lip stick or lip liner as you wish! 

Is this procedure safe for people with particularly sensitive skin or allergies?

Skin sensitivities and allergies are always taken into consideration on an individual assessment. The majority of clients with skin sensitivities or allergies are minor and eligible for tattooing, only resulting in a mild redness of the skin that subsides within an hour or two post-treatment. Any serious allergies to numbing agents such as Lidocaine, Tetracaine, latex, or cosmetics should always be disclosed to your technician prior to your appointment. I recommend all clients that have a history of coldsores take an over the counter preventative tablet the same day as their appointment to avoid a breakout. This lip tattoo does not give you coldsores if you do not have the virus, but any treatments to lips if a person has the virus (even if dormant) can increase the risk of an outbreak


Lip Blushing $550 (includes touch up within 12 weeks)