Lash Extension Pre and Post

Before your appointment...

  • Do not wear mascara or eye make-up to your appointment
  • Do not wear water proof make-up for the days leading up to your appointment
  • Remove your contact lenses prior to your lash appointment
  • Avoid caffeine and energy drinks before your appointment  

After your appointment...

  • Do not wet the lashes for 24 hours after application
  • Do not use any lash growth products for 24 hours after application
  • Do not tan or spray tan for 48 hours before or after application
  • Do not use mascara on the lash extensions
  • Do not use a lash curler
  • Do not perm (lash-lift) the lash extensions
  • Do not pull, tug, rub the lash extensions
  • Avoid saunas and steam rooms
  • Avoid steamy showers/baths
  • Avoid sleeping on your lashes
  • Avoid high heat around your eye-area, such as the oven, grill, blow dryer
  • Gently clean your lashes daily with the Xtreme Lash Cleanser and Eye Make-Up Remover. Make sure to cleanse in between lashes and at the lash line, removing all make-up, oil, dirt, and/or debris. Make sure to rinse off after use.
  • Dry your lashes with a mini fan or pat dry with a lint free cloth/paper towel
  • Gently brush the lashes with a disposable mascara wand to fluff and style into place no more than 1-2 times daily
  • For those of you who prefer to wear mascara with your eyelash extensions, we recommend the Xtreme Lash Length and Volume Mascara, applied only from the middle to the tips, never at the base of the extensions (note: wearing mascara will require you to return for fills more often)
  • For those who swim, sweat or have oily skin, we recommend using the Xtreme Lash Protective coating on your lash extensions no more than 2 times weekly
  • We recommend that all make-up, make-up remover, cosmetics, and facial products used around the eye area be OIL-FREE
  • Schedule your fills every 2-3 weeks